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 Rains Super Happy Awesomely Cool Leveling Up Guide! (SOLO)

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PostSubject: Rains Super Happy Awesomely Cool Leveling Up Guide! (SOLO)   Sun Aug 10, 2008 1:14 am

MUSTS: Bow + (Optional Weapon)
note: if you think bows suck and refuse to use these and attack with wands, back away now.

Here I will Tell you how to level up all the way to 58!

Levels 1-4
1) Start off your Adventure at North Island, take it easy now
2) Train on Jellys until level Two
3) Then head over to Sea flowers & Starfish for the rest of the levels

OPTIONAL: Train here until level 7!

NEEDS: Remote Control
Levels 5-10

Head over to Kelan Cave and Smash some golems,
until level 10.
note: this might take some time so be patient

Levels 11-23
NEEDS: Ancient Bathtub (+40hp +20 sp 5 sec)

1)This point you have no idea where to go and everything seems to give you low experice, so look around North island 2 for kama cave.

2) When you find it you should be using full force and using the bath tub every battle...

3) around/near Level 15 you should be able to remote here.

note: Not marked on the map so this could take a bit.

Levels 24-42

NEEDS: A LOT of food... total food usage = 2k sliced beef min.

Sliced beef
Consumable: +275 HP
Price range:10-20

1)Here you will be using all your oney and need as much power as possible!

2)Never leave the computer, note that you will die extremely fast!

note: bath until full hp and sp everybattle until level 28 you can remote here with a lot of food.

Levels 43- 58

1)Go to Osyla and kill some raptors.

2)These are very strong and can destroy armor until your level 42.
note:Here you can get beef as a high drop and can just remote here (NOT RUNNING) sitting.

leave a message if you need any help!

P.S. Sorry if this wasnt enough info.
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Rains Super Happy Awesomely Cool Leveling Up Guide! (SOLO)
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