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 Low Info Lvling 1-100

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PostSubject: Low Info Lvling 1-100   Sun Aug 10, 2008 1:44 am

What to kill from lv1~100 (afk train)
Without Adv remote (Melee Solo patrol)
lv1~5 -> kelan mines
lv6~10 -> kelan woods
lv11~15 -> chicken farm
lv16~20 -> beetles
lv21~25 -> senior beetles/bees (pick the ones you are good against)
lv26~35 -> beetle den second floor (less xp/kill than bees, but more of them for higher total xp)
lv36~45 -> pine forest, tenders
lv46~65 -> dino farm (faster lving, more food needed, they do drop food, but often not enough)
lv46~65 -> stoowa (slower lving, less food needed)
lv66~100 -> black wind cave pirates
These are all patrol points, good for solo players, but be warned, need a lot of food

Without Adv remote (Melee Duo Patrol)
lv1~8 -> kelan woods
lv9~15 -> chicken farm
lv16~20 -> beetles
lv21~30 -> beetle den
lv31~45 -> pine forest tenders
lv46~60 -> dino farm
lv61~100 -> black wind cave pirates
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Low Info Lvling 1-100
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